Designing For Longevity

August is drawing towards her glorious end and it's fair to say the sharp bite of Autumn is starting to creep in early morning. But, the ever annual joy of the upcoming festive season gives us a boost to look forward to. Even if you find yourself a little bit of a humbug, the winter months do foster warm comforts for us all. Mind you, what am I doing whiling away the months so soon? There is the full...

23 August 2019

Mind The Gap - A Seismic Shift In Colour Is Coming

Happy Friday and a big sunny welcome to August!

And to start off the month we broke free of our Northampton roots yesterday evening to venture down to Notting Hill. Why you may ask? Well, to some it would seem literally watch paint dry!

However, it was slightly more enlightening than that for sure! Not just because of a rather nice glass of fizz when we arrived (can't believe I forgot...

2 August 2019

Enough Hangers To Shake A Pole At

Last week saw a week off for The Blog, so what better than to come back with a bumper instalment this week! Two whole weeks worth of busy business to share with you. Currently though, we are having our customary Friday gathering round a coffee with the rain pattering at our windows killing off yet another mini heatwave. Times like this though you can definitely reap the benefits of an awning...

19 July 2019

Serve An Ace With Roman Blinds & Independent Business

How many punnets of strawberries and cream have you devoured watching Wimbledon with a fresh pitcher of Pimms or the quintessential glass of Robinsons squash? A staple event of the British sporting calendar alongside the Formula One Grand Prix and The Ashes. Something that is most pleasing about Wimbledon is the aesthetic of the stipulated white sporting gear against manicured green courts in the...

5 July 2019

Say "I Do" In Style

Hello July - You bringing plenty of summer sun with you? And oh boy we need some. Hasn't the last few weeks been a rollercoaster of temperature highs and lows? Now we are into the second half of the year and the summer holidays are approaching, let's hope this third quarter brings many more sunblessed weekends. Not just because we love a good tan in the garden or a melted 99 flake at the seaside, but...

1 July 2019