Abode Edit: Metallic touches for the Winter Season

Good Morning and welcome to Abode. We hope you're enjoying your weekend. Today we want to feature a long-term trend that's perfect for this time of year - metallics. Metallics, when used in moderation, can add just the right amount of glamour to your home, without looking overbearing or making the room appear too cold.

We have used Pinterest to source images for three different inspirations...

25 November 2018

Colour Crush: Fuchsia Pink & Shibori Blue

Hello and welcome to Abode! Today we would like to feature two gorgeous colours to give a pop of personality or some welcomed relaxation to your home decor…

Fuchsia Pink


This bright, bold and beautiful colour is perfect for adding a burst of colour to your home. It can be a vibrant exterior colour...

15 November 2018

Bring Bedtime Stories to Life with VillaNova Fabrics

Good afternoon and welcome to Abode. Today we're showcasing a wonderful collaboration between VillaNova and three amazing illustrators for the 'Picturebook' Collection. Our focus today is on the work of talented children's author and illustrator, Frann Preston-Gannon. We simply love her designs not only for her characters' signature sweet eyes but also for her use of layered, vibrant colours...

15 November 2018

How to add more positivity to your home (Part Two)

Good afternoon we hope you’re having an excellent week so far. Today on Abode, following our article last week, we are sharing part two of our tips for adding more positivity to your home.

Inspire Positivity with Incense

Incense has been used for centuries to boost wellbeing and increase positivity. There are many different scents to suit any mood, but three of our...

13 November 2018

Create a Woodland Wonderland

Hello and welcome to Abode, our inspiration blog at First 4 Blinds. This week we want to feature a great winter trend, Woodland inspired home decor. Woodland themed items with a traditional aesthetic have become very popular this year, and it's easy to see the appeal. However, at First 4 Blinds, we believe that sometimes the sense of individuality can be lost when something becomes popular....

8 November 2018