And So it Begins... Abode's Christmas Countdown

Hello and welcome to Abode! As it’s the 1st of December, our Christmas Countdown officially commences. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing all of our favourite interior trends to make your home decor extra special this Christmas. Today we’re sharing how to prep the perfect dinner table as well as a clever display idea for all your Christmassy correspondence.

Whether you decide to have an elaborate table centrepiece or perhaps a more refined design, we think what really makes a Christmas table is the little finishing touches. We have found two great examples of festive napkins to add thoughtfulness and something unique to your table.

Firstly we have this Christmas tree napkin fold.

(photo credit:

We really like the simplicity of this particular design and the fact that it can suit any colour serviette like these bright candy pink trees!

Our second napkin inspiration is a two-part look that you can alternate along a table - little elf hats and shoes! These are so quirky and cute, ideal to keep younger members of the family entertained before returning to their presents.

(photo credit:

Find the tutorial links for both of these at the end of our article. And remember, practice makes perfect so get started now and you’ll be a professional by Christmas Day!

Next in our Christmas countdown, we have two modern and minimalist ways to present and organise your Christmas cards.

(photo credit:

You could create a special card tree as seen in the picture above. We love the idea of putting some nibbles under the tree for readers to snack on.

(photo credit:

Our second Christmas card display takes a more modern approach with trendy Eucalyptus leaves and winter berries. This hanging card display could also work well as a Christmas photo display, why not start a new tradition and add a new family photo every year?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article today. Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s Christmas Countdown featuring Cosy Christmas ideas…

See you Soon!

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Elf Hat Napkin Tutorial from Good Housekeeping

Elf Shoe Napkin Tutorial from Serendipity

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