Abode’s Guide to Aspirations in 2018

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Abode for 2018! We hope you had a brilliant New Year’s Eve full of celebration and fireworks. With all the talk of New Year’s resolutions at the moment, we decided to take a slightly different approach. We are focusing on ‘aspirations’ rather than ‘resolutions’ to keep our goals for the new year fresh and attainable every step of the way! (Rather than something that might get left until December to make a start on!) If you feel the same way, or you have a particularly busy year ahead of you, why not use some of our tips below to make 2018 your best year yet…

Establish and Document your Goals for the Year

At this time of year, you are at the perfect vantage point. You can see a full twelve months ahead and plenty of time to achieve even the biggest task. Maybe you would like to spend more time with people you love, or finally start a project you’ve put off for a while. Perhaps you want to redecorate your home. Whatever your aspirations and dreams might be, 2018 can be the year they come to fruition. At Abode and First 4 Blinds we love anything visual, so we like to use Pinterest and Instagram to keep track of things that inspire us. We’ve found it’s been a very useful tool to bring ideas together for decorating projects and just to get excited about new trending designs. Why not make a few Pinterest boards for added inspiration? Or if you’re more a fan of lists, writing down your aspirations can help to cement them into your mind and allow you to focus on getting them done.

Categorise your Aspirations to keep Balanced

Once your goals and aspirations are figured out - don’t worry if you add a few new ones later in the year - now it’s time to categorise them. This might sound like making more things to achieve in a potentially already busy year, but it does help to keep things organised. One method divides aims into ten categories: Mind, Body, Spirit, Health, Love, Home, Friends and Family, Work, Giving and Fun. By dividing your goals this way, you are able to see how balanced your aspirations are and you can keep track of possible areas that you can develop and make even better.

Be Patient and Kind to Yourself and Others

No one really achieves anything completely single-handedly. There will be people in your life who are fundamental parts of your aspirations like your family or best friends. People who want the best for you are the best ones to keep around you when trying to achieve something difficult or challenging. For this reason, maintaining a patient outlook and kindness towards others will only benefit you in striving to achieve your goals. Imagine climbing to the top of a mountain to find a beautiful view but then having no-one to share it with. Maybe including your closest loved ones in your goals this year will help them achieve something in return? You should also try to remain patient and kind to yourself and give things the time they need. Putting too much pressure on your aspirations to be done in a specific time frame can be detrimental sometimes. So take your time, follow your plan and your goals will soon be complete.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post this week. If you’d like any help with decorating ideas for your New Year’s Project feel free to give us a call or come and see what First 4 Blinds can do for you. Click here for our details: http://www.first4blinds.com/contact-us/

See you Soon!

Abode at First 4 Blinds

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