Bring Bedtime Stories to Life with VillaNova Fabrics

Good afternoon and welcome to Abode. Today we're showcasing a wonderful collaboration between VillaNova and three amazing illustrators for the 'Picturebook' Collection. Our focus today is on the work of talented children's author and illustrator, Frann Preston-Gannon. We simply love her designs not only for her characters' signature sweet eyes but also for her use of layered, vibrant colours and textures within her work.

We have two examples from the VillaNova 'Picturebook' Collection to help you bring your child's bedtime story to life through interior design! Firstly we have this gorgeous Polar Bear Rug, as seen in the picture link below:

(photo credit:

Inspire their imagination with stories of exploring the vast Arctic together. Wander through falling snow following in the giant footsteps of your friendly polar bear friend - leading the way to a cosy cabin... This rug is also perfect for keeping little feet toasty and warm through the colder months.

Next up we have the perfect way to get your child involved with decorating their room. The wall stickers pictured below provide the ideal personal touch with the added benefit of being easy to change around!

(photo credit:

Cute polar bears can drift alongside seals and seaweed. And turtles with patterned shells and delicate seahorses swim in harmony with their narwhal friend...

The possibilities are endless with this beautifully created collection, we're sure little ones will love it just as much as we do. For more information about collections we currently have on display in our design studio, please don't hesitate to get in touch today using; Why not call to come to see us and view the 'Picturebook' Collection for yourself!

See you Soon!

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