Christmas Countdown: For an Alternative Christmas

Hello and welcome to Abode. Today we are sharing the third instalment of our Christmas Countdown. Featuring ways to re-invent Christmas traditions for something a little more alternative, we have used Pinterest to source our images today. But as usual with Abode at First 4 Blinds, if you would like any advice on decorating your home this winter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using;

For a Minimalist Tree

(photo credit:

Minimalist ‘branch trees’ as seen in the image above are gaining in popularity, especially amongst younger generations looking to make their own Christmas traditions. One of the best things about this alternative Christmas tree style is that the sparse branches really show off your choice of decorations. So you can be as quirky and unique as you wish! This kind of tree can adapt to the size of the space as it’s wall-mounted. So you can have a small token tree with a few lights or a larger scale version to put presents underneath.

Asymmetric Wreathes

(photo credit:

(photo credit:

At First 4 Blinds, we love home accessories, particularly ones with excellent design. Create a modern twist on a Christmas classic with an asymmetrical wreath. To make your own, pick your choice of real or artificial flowers and foliage and arrange onto a metallic frame with wire. We love the contrast between the geometric shapes and the soft flowers and rounded Eucalyptus leaves seen in the image above.

A Single Branch

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This idea despite appearing to be modern actually derives from a long historical tradition. The act of decorating a single branch of a tree was brought to England by ‘good Queen Charlotte’ in 1800. Queen Charlotte was German and married King George III and brought many Germanic traditions to England, especially at Christmas time. She decorated a single yew tree branch with coloured paper, ribbons, candles and sweets. To update this tradition why not create something similar using the bough of a fir tree as seen in the image above?

To find out more about Queen Charlotte’s Christmas traditions we have included a link at the end of our post to an article by Alison Barnes.

We hope you have enjoyed part three of Abode’s Christmas Countdown. We will be back next week with our last instalment, a festive post called ‘Time For Family’.

See you Soon!

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