Abode takes a Closer look at Concrete

Good afternoon and welcome to Abode. Today we’re featuring a trend that really made its mark last year, and is looking to be a strong interior trend this year too. Adding concrete to your interior design scheme is an undoubtedly bold move, however, with the right styling, this modern trend can look amazing.

At First 4 Blinds, we love helping homes reach their full potential, and part of that requires discovering the trends and styles that make you feel inspired and at home. Today we have used Pinterest to source our inspiration images, but if you would like to discover our diverse product range, please use the link at the end of our article to get in touch. In our post today we’re showing three ways you can adopt this trend in your home.

1. A Statement Staircase


(photo credit: katydidandkid.com)

If you already love an industrial aesthetic, you can comfortably add concrete to your open plan design scheme. If you choose to make a bold statement like the staircase pictured above, an excellent way to ground the design is to pair it with a natural material like wood. Wood accents work to create a contrast that highlights the texture of concrete. In an interior design context, ‘texture’ is used to describe when something looks how it feels.

2. A Place to Reflect


(photo credit: svartvittochrott.blogspot.co.uk)

Our second application of concrete is the perfect middle ground if you are looking to experiment with this trend. Dream of Spring and find time to reflect at this stunning table and chairs in the garden. With a basic, refined design, this garden furniture can make the ideal backdrop for delicate white flowers and different tones of green.

3. Subtle Accent Pieces


(photo credit: nordichouse.co.uk)

Our last use of concrete in interior design is perhaps the easiest of all to integrate - a nod to the trend with a subtle accessory for your home. We love the versatility of this concrete keepsake tray, in the image, it’s used for candles, but it would work equally well as a place to keep your keys in the hallway. This stylish piece is ideal for smaller homes whether minimalist or maximalist.

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