Abode's Trend Alert: Cosy Industrial

Hello and welcome to Abode. This week we have picked up a new interior trend that we think is just perfect for the summer. We are naming it 'Cosy Industrial', combining minimalism and modern touches with a cosy feel, we love this new fusion of styles. Industrial inspired looks can sometimes appear to be cold spaces, especially in larger rooms. However, by adding some extra warmth and softness to this style, it can be used to suit any home.

We have used Pinterest today to capture a few essential elements of this trend, but it's very easy to adapt conventional minimalist designs in keeping with this new trend. Why not come and see the latest additions to our Interiors Boutique in our Northampton store to see if you can find something new for your home with First 4 Blinds.



(photo credit: apartmenttherapy.com)

The first aspect of 'Cosy Industrial' we'd like to cover is vintage, exposed lighting. This minimalist approach to lighting has a charming vintage twist and creates a calming, warm glow in any room. We love these lights because they add refined, industrial-inspired style without appearing to be too harsh or raw. You can complete the look with some statement lightbulbs for the perfect finishing touch...



(photo credit: achica.com)

Next on our list are these lovely striped cushions. Stripes are an easy way to achieve summer style this season, and pillows like the ones pictured above are incredibly versatile. Striped soft furnishings are an ideal way to balance a 'Cosy Industrial' look without compromising on style. We think that these cushions would make a great addition to any interior, or in a relaxed garden setting depending on the chosen material.



(photo credit: srta-pepis.tumblr.com)

And lastly, stylish storage plays a key role in the 'Cosy Industrial' trend because, in keeping with its minimalist roots, there should be an organised place for everything. Store your blankets and pillows in a beautiful woven basket like the ones pictured above to allow for easy access on a cooler summer evening. And of course to make them easily transportable between the house and garden to enjoy the beautiful long evenings.

We hope you have enjoyed our article this week. If you would like any further advice on decorating or furnishing your home, please feel free to get in touch here: https://www.first4blinds.com/contact-us/. At First 4 Blinds, we are very proud of our customer feedback so if you would like to see what people think of our products and services you can read some reviews here: https://www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk/profile/first-4-blinds-ltd/9446/.

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