Abode’s Style Alert: Crittall Inspired Windows

Good afternoon and welcome to Abode. This week we are talking about steel-framed windows which are increasing in popularity.


Crittall Windows are the original manufacturers of striking black steel-framed windows like the ones seen in the picture above. Technically speaking, only windows made by Crittall Windows are allowed to be called Crittall, but the name is also used to describe the modernist style of the windows.

Steel-framed windows are a true statement piece that can work just as well in a modern city apartment or an old Victorian townhouse. We love this type of window because it allows for the outside view to take on the role of window dressing. By creating a ‘wall of windows’ you can risk the feeling of being overexposed, but if the windows are positioned facing a closed and secluded garden, they can be a truly beautiful addition to your home.

Crittall inspired windows are also a very safe addition to your home. Although they may look easy to break, the multi-paned nature of the windows makes it more difficult for someone to gain entry to your house if the glass is broken. So you can enjoy the best of Modernist and Art Deco-inspired style without worry!

At First 4 Blinds, we love the fact that these windows can also act as doors leading out onto a patio or into the garden. These windows are able to combine the aesthetic of an antique greenhouse, conservatory and living space all in one, and that’s what makes them special.

Another great feature of this variety of window is their capacity maximise natural light and let the world in. You can enjoy all of Autumn’s changing colours, moody rainfall, evening sunsets and more with such exposed windows, all from the comfort of your home.

We hope to have inspired you with our article today. If you would like any extra information or advice on any of our products and services at First 4 Blinds, please get in touch today using the following link: <www.first4blinds.com/contact-us>.

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