How to make the most of your Garden on a budget

Hello and welcome to Abode this week. Now that it seems summer has arrived (fingers crossed it stays!), we're turning our attention to the garden! Whether you're hosting a sophisticated garden party, or looking to embrace a new fitness routine in the great outdoors, at Abode we've compiled some tips using Pinterest to help you make the most of your garden - even on a budget, giving you some extra spending money towards your next decorating project or home improvement?

Grow your own Kitchen Garden


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At First 4 Blinds, we think that houseplants, especially fresh herbs, make the ideal kitchen decor. Growing herbs is remarkably straightforward as many are quite resilient if you're not the most confident gardener! Having a little kitchen windowsill garden is also perfect for small space living or if you don't have access to an outdoor garden. One of our favourite garden trends is to use your potted herbs as alfresco table settings. Simply place your chosen herbs in the centre of the table and then your guests are free to pick their own complementary garnish for their meal!

Get Creative with Pressed Plants


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The second of our budget garden tips is also one of our favourite interior trends of 2018. To add a botanical style to your home, why not press some of your favourite plants and leaves and preserve them in glass frames? Bringing the best of your garden indoors is a creative and easy way to decorate without spending a lot of money. Framed plants like the ones pictured above offer a fresh and modern feel to any room of the house.

Grow a Balcony Garden


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Our last tip of the week is perfect for those living in a flat or perhaps in a busy city. Balcony gardens are becoming increasingly popular and are ideal for a small garden space. By using vertical planting techniques on wall surfaces, you can maximise your space and still create a sanctuary like the one pictured above. We love the fairy lights on this balcony garden - imagine how lovely this would look on a warm summer evening!

We hope you've enjoyed our article this week on budget garden ideas if you would like any advice on decorating tips, please feel free to get in touch here; and to see some of our five-star customer reviews click here;

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