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Hello and welcome to Abode. This week we’re featuring our favourite storage ideas for every room in the house! January is the ideal month to get organised for the year ahead and decluttering your home may also keep the winter blues at bay. We have used Pinterest to source our images today, but for more information on our product ranges and services at First 4 Blinds, please use the link at the end of our post to get in touch.

Your Hallway


(photo credit: littleredbrickhouse.com)

The hallway is a space that is often overlooked in homes, even though it’s one place everyone is guaranteed to spend time in. The key to hallway storage is finding pieces that are multi-functional. The picture in the link above is a good example. Hang pegs or coat hooks on the wall for bags and coats, or invest in a storage bench. A storage bench can be slim but very versatile, you could have a basket in one section for winter accessories and another for dog walking and shoe cleaning supplies. The remainder of the bench can become a shoe rack and of course a seat - perfect for little ones putting on their shoes.

Your Office


(photo credit: rosehipsandpetticoats.blogspot.co.uk)

Working from home can be a challenge whether you’re a freelancer, a student, or even an avid writer, having an organised and defined workspace is essential. However, office storage often favours practicality over design, so to give your workspace a refresh think outside the box! With a bit of imagination, you can re-purpose lots of things to make stylish storage accessories. For example, in the image linked above a ‘spice rack’ sits alongside shelves to hold small stationery. Or you could look to the garden for inspiration, using a plant trellis as a notice board keeps important notes and reminders organised and out of drawers where they could be forgotten.

Your Kitchen


(photo credit: thekitchn.com)

Next, we’re in the kitchen, well specifically your kitchen cupboards or pantry if you have one. Keeping your cupboards organised is an easy way to cut down on food waste and unnecessary packaging. We love these glass jars to keep long-life items in, you could use a marker pen to add dates if you want to keep track of what’s inside. By embracing open shelving as seen in the picture above, you could even replace some cupboards altogether for a fresher, more open kitchen space.

Your Bedroom


(photo credit: avestyles.com)

Some people think that a bedroom is “just a space to sleep”, but, it can be made into a special place that can maximise your sleep and comfort at the same time. Start by organising your bedside table, sorting the things you need on display such as an alarm clock, a jewellery box or your favourite night moisturiser, and then add a couple of things you love like a photo or a crystal. Everything else can go into the drawers including your books and journal. Another useful storage tip is to use your bed to your advantage. Under-bed storage is an easy way to keep bulky things hidden from view such as spare duvets or suitcases. But for extra style points, adding an ottoman into your room to store bedding and pillows can look great.

Your Bathroom


(photo credit: house beautiful.co.uk)

Last but not least, we are looking at the bathroom. Bathroom storage can be tricky because you have to strike a balance between taking up space and a material that can handle the setting. At First 4 Blinds, we love the storage solution pictured above, it’s a great design that’s both easy to clean and can fit everything you would need in a bathroom. We would recommend keeping towels at the bottom, and more delicate things like candles or perfume nearer the top, especially if you’ve got children at home.

We hope you have enjoyed our post today and found a few ways to make your home look its best in 2019. We’ll be back next week showcasing an interior trend that was very popular last year and is set to stay this year. In the meantime, to get in touch, please visit: https://www.first4blinds.com/contact-us/

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