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Hello and welcome to Abode. This week we are looking at linear interior design, the art of bringing defined lines into your decor scheme. The effect created depends on your chosen material, but taking a linear approach can emphasise a room’s natural contours and is also an easy way to give your home a clean, modern look - the ideal fresh start.



(photo edit: Valspar)

Firstly, we have a simple and understated way to incorporate linear interior design - use light. In the picture linked above, you can see how two different shades of purple are united and softened together by the use of well-placed, bright lighting. On its own, the light could appear too severe, but when paired with rich colours, it creates a really inviting space with a beautiful glow.



(photo credit: dezeen.com)

Secondly, we have an option for people who prefer cosy interiors - linear wooden accents. This look takes the best of a warm material and gives it a sleek and contemporary edge. The natural grain of the wooden wall panels in the picture above creates subtle vertical lines that can help the room look bigger. At First 4 Blinds, we also love the contrast between the different types of wood in this scheme and how each piece adds a different element to the space.



(photo credit: remodelista.com)

Our third example of linear interior design is achieved by using multiple textures. A colour gradient is established by combining the dark kitchen cabinets with white walls, leaving the perfect opportunity for added texture, seen by the marble features that sit in between. Marble and marble-effect decor are not only highly fashionable at the moment, but it also adds a sense of movement to the design scheme. Your eye can follow the different traces and patterns of the material which in turn elongates the room. In the image above we also really like how the lighting compliments the horizontal lines of the kitchen, bringing the whole design together. It also offers another little touch of luxury with its gold metallic finish - a perfect pairing with marble.

We hope you have enjoyed our article today, why not see if the linear design trend could work in your home? If you would like any advice on decorating or adding some new furnishings to your home, please feel free to get in touch. And if you’re in the Northampton area, why not come and see our showroom and interiors boutique to view our collections in person. Our friendly team can be reached at https://www.first4blinds.com/contact-us/

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