Abode on the art of living ‘Lagom’

Good afternoon and welcome to Abode this week. Today as part of our inspiration blog, we would like to feature a Swedish lifestyle trend that has captured our attention. Lagom (pronounced lar-gom) translates into English as being ‘in moderation’ and as a philosophy can be described as something that’s not too little and not too much.

At Abode and First 4 Blinds we love to find new ways to live happier and more balanced lives, and we believe one of the best ways to achieve this is to start with your home. Through the daily practice of Lagom, you can build a sustainable way of life and in the process increase your happiness and well-being. What’s not to like! We are already big fans of the Danish principle of Hygge and while making a home as cosy as possible will always be one of our favourite decorating goals, creating a space that delivers long-term benefits is something we’re equally excited about trying.

In comparison to Hygge that centres around creating moments of togetherness, Lagom is about making conscious, balanced decisions on the impact of our actions. Through practising Lagom it is possible to achieve a constant and rewarding life-work balance for example, or perhaps a personal goal might be to be more financially balanced? Lagom should not be confused as indecisiveness, and instead should be seen as a valuable position to take in life, being in a state of complete, neutral balance.

Lagom begins with small, individual changes that lead to widespread collective changes for the better. Living more sustainably can have tremendous benefits on our environment. Some ideas to help you be more ‘in moderation’ in life include actively recycling, keeping within your financial budget, and learning about controlling food waste. A key principle of Lagom is that you do not deny yourself what you want or love in life, but you also do not take any more from the planet than what is necessary. An example could be conserving water. By finding new ways to re-use water you no longer are using, such as choosing to water a kitchen garden or your garden plants, you are keeping yourself in balance. Even with a small action like this, if continued it will have a broader positive impact.

A concept that is synonymous with Lagom is the children’s story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. When Goldilocks finds the perfect porridge that is not ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ but ‘just right’, she has found Lagom. One of our favourite aspects of Lagom is that it is grounded in the idea of finding what is ‘just right’ for you and your family in your unique and wonderful home.

We hope you have enjoyed Abode this week. We will be back soon with a special Colour Showcase. In the meantime, if you would like any advice on decorating your home, please feel free to get in touch here: https://www.first4blinds.com/contact-us/

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