Abode Edit: Magnificent Moon Gates

Good afternoon and welcome to Abode at First 4 Blinds. This week on our inspiration blog we are focusing on the garden and in particular magical moon gates. When designing a garden, you can create the illusion of depth and more space by using gates and foliage to create different locations within the same garden. We think one of the best ways to achieve this is by using moon gates, a circular opening in a garden wall or as a stand-alone feature onto a passageway. They are used traditionally in Chinese gardens and can add an Orient-inspired atmosphere to your garden.

We have selected three of our favourite moon gates from the modern to the whimsical that all add an intriguing element to the garden.


(photo credit: woodsshop.com)

The moon gate pictured above is a modern twist on the classic circular shape. The addition of the trellises works to stabilise the gate while also adding a geometric design to the garden. If you chose this style of moon gate, you could even train some flowering climber plants to grow across for extra coverage and a nice floral display.


(photo credit: vitis-in-situ.be)

We absolutely love this copper moon gate example. It is so inviting and delicately balanced. The whole garden combines rugged hard surfaces in the rockery and the stone steps with delicate soft greenery and wildflowers. All this scene needs is a few outdoor candle lanterns to make it the perfect outdoor space.


(photo credit: upsocl.com)

Last but not least in our moon gate edit, is this whimsical stonework example. We particularly like the way that each stone works together to create the piece. It adds a quirky, rustic feel with more permanence than the other moon gates. To install a moon gate like this one would definitely require a specialist, but we think the results are well worth it if you have the available space.

We hope you liked our article this week. For more inspiration on decorating your garden or home why not have a read of some of our other articles? And if you’re in the Northampton area come along to see our gorgeous product Showroom. Contact us today for more information at, www.first4blinds.com/contact-us.

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