Abode's tips for making your home into a sanctuary Part 2

Good evening and welcome to part two of Abode ’s article this week. In case you missed part one, it featured tips from houseplants to new curtains and focused on ideas of things that could make your home a place of tranquillity at this busy time of year. Today we’re going to talk about ways to relax and enjoy spending time in your new home sanctuary.

All about Ambience

A room with ambience in our view will always be a little haven to spend time in. A calming atmosphere isn't just for lovely restaurants; it's easier to create than you might think. Adding a few well-placed lamps and soft lighting can set the tone in any room. Or next time you invite friends or family round for dinner, why not stock up on some candles to add to the cosy feeling of togetherness.

A Happy home makes Happy habits

Taking a bit of time to yourself each day is something most people overlook. It’s increasingly difficult to fit everything into our busy schedules, but if you can find just thirty minutes of time to do something you enjoy or find calming each day, it can benefit your well-being. Whether it’s yoga or going for a run in the morning, or taking time to make yourself an exceptional cup of coffee. One idea that could transform your house into somewhere you love spending time is by cutting down on clutter and reorganising your things. Maybe donate what you no longer use to make more room and you'll have more space to enjoy!

Keep cosy and Warm

Keeping warm and comfortable during the winter months is important and also an easy way to love being at home. Home is the place where we can feel the most ourselves. It’s a unique and welcoming place. After a long day at work or a cold commute, there's not much that's more comforting than the sound of your front door opening. The combination of soft furnishings and well-dressed windows we mentioned in Part One will also help to keep your home toasty and warm during winter, so they're practical as well as pretty.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our posts this week and that we’ve given you a few ideas to think about. If you would like any advice on making your home as stylish and comfortable as possible this winter, get in touch today. If you’re near the Northampton area, feel free to come and visit our beautiful showroom and see how First 4 Blinds can help you. Click here for our contact details: http://www.first4blinds.com/contact-us/

See you next week!

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