Abode's May Colour Showcase

Good afternoon and welcome to Abode. This week we would like to focus on some of our favourite interior trends of the month. Throughout this May we have seen some beautiful sunny days, celebrated Meghan Markle's introduction the Royal Family with the stunning Royal Wedding and made it to the final of the Muddy Awards for 'Best Interior Store'! So as this busy month will soon come to a close, we hope you enjoy our May Colour Showcase.

We have sourced and credited our article images from Pinterest so while First 4 Blinds may not be able to replicate these exact images our Northampton showroom with Interiors Lounge is the perfect place to find something new to redecorate your home, from bespoke blinds and window dressings to chairs and rugs. To get in touch today, please use the link at the end of our article.

Sunshine Yellow


(photo credit: dwellingdecor.com)

The first feature of our showcase is vibrant sunshine yellow. This rich shade seemed to be very popular at the Royal Wedding, and we can certainly see why. This summery, happy colour is exceptionally versatile and can be used within your home's interior design or externally as pictured on the front door above. At Abode and First 4 Blinds we think that yellow is one of the best colours to feature in your home especially when transitioning between Spring and Summer.

White Floral Arrangements


(photo credit: weddingcollections.win)

Our next feature is a nod toward the Duchess of Sussex herself, and more specifically toward her beautiful wedding bouquet. Although Meghan's flowers were far more petite than those pictured above, the classic colours are the same. Channel purity and perfection with delicate white, cream and pastel green accents. We think that these colours would look their best in textile form perhaps in a pair of curtains? Complete the look with a fresh bouquet of flowers or high-quality artificial flowers to give the style more longevity.

Sheer Roman Blinds


(photo credit: jade-creative.blogspot.com)

Last but not least, these sheer roman blinds really caught our eye this month. Our favourite feature of these blinds is the fact they offer privacy and a touch of interior design but most importantly they let in lots of natural light. At First 4 Blinds, we love to make windows look their best, and our free fitting and free measuring service ensures that your windows will look picture-perfect.

We hope you have enjoyed our article this week if you would like any advice, please get in touch here: www.first4blinds.com/contact-us

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