Abode’s Moment on Mirrors

Good afternoon and welcome to this week’s edition of Abode. Today we would like to feature the very best mirrors that have caught our eye. At Abode and First 4 Blinds, we think mirrors are an ultimate staple in decorating and interior design. They represent opulence, beauty and can elevate the style of any room. In our eyes, the decision to include a new (or antique!) mirror can only make a space better! Mirrors of all shapes and sizes can add more natural light into your room of choice while also being a wall feature to be admired. Decorative examples can work as fabulous focal points and can even influence a room’s size, both in perception and literally if the mirror is a standalone piece.

We’ve found four different mirrors on Pinterest that are on trend, beautiful to look at and are extremely versatile in their range styles. As usual with our Abode articles, we won’t be able to match these images exactly, but we will be able to provide expert advice and some options on finding the perfect mirror for your home.

The Oversized Wall Mirror


(photo credit: 100layercake.com)

The mirror pictured above is first on our list as it arguably makes the biggest statement of the four styles. We think that this particular example would look at its best in a larger room with tall ceilings and a neutral decor palette in keeping with its minimalist design. It also offers a modern aesthetic that could pair well with Scandinavian inspired furniture for functionality and creative styling.

The Sunburst Inspired Mirror


(photo credit: brocantelab.com)

Next on the list is this stunning sunshine-inspired mirror. At First 4 Blinds we love round mirrors, in fact currently in our store’s Boutique and Design Lounge in Northampton, we have some lovely arrangements. If you’re looking for some extra inspiration or potential colour schemes and styles, feel free to come and visit! In addition to the sunburst mirror’s gorgeous gold detailing, we love how versatile it is. This style of mirror immediately lends itself to art-deco design and 1920s inspired decorating, but it could just as easily suit a room that is more celestial and dramatic with colours such as a deep navy blue. Alternatively, this mirror as it's inspired by the sun, it would look great in a floral or botanical setting too.

The Triptych Design Mirror


(photo credit: studioarrc.com)

The mirror pictured above offers a unique style all on its own. It gives the room a slightly vintage glamour and would be the perfect addition to a walk-in wardrobe. We like the way that through the angle of each piece, light can move throughout the room, changing the entire perception. This particular mirror could also work well as a room divider or on a smaller scale as a statement decoration.

The Geometric Style Mirror


(photo credit: modishliving.com)

Last but by no means least on our favourite mirrors list is this geometric style piece. Similarly to the sunburst design mirror, we love the endless style options that this mirror can accommodate. Its clear-cut lines and gold features suit art-deco style, but this mirror would work equally well in a mid-century modern inspired room.

We hope you have enjoyed our article this week. If you would like any decorating advice or to find out more about our products and services, please feel free to get in touch here; https://www.first4blinds.com/contact-us/

See you Soon!

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