November Colour Showcase

Hello and welcome to Abode ’s first Colour Showcase. This month we’ve been inspired by the beautiful Autumn leaves that seem even more beautiful now as they carpet the pavements, than when they very first appeared. Before they disappear for good this year, we thought it would be nice to showcase these wonderful colours and give them the spotlight they deserve.

Three of our absolute favourites at the moment are Auburn, Golden Yellow, and Copper metallics. We’ve found some pictures to help show you what we mean, and hopefully, we can help to bring the last of Autumn’s comforting warmth right into your home.


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This beautiful, burnt orange shade is extremely versatile. You can use it to easily warm up a room while adding a touch of decadence. As a colour, it’s slightly more brown compared to classic orange which is perfect for this time of year and makes this colour very easy to style. We think it looks gorgeous and works at its best with a more neutral background as seen in the photo link above. We particularly like how auburn really emphasises dark wooden furniture and warmer cream accessories, giving a cosy feel even on those colder days. However, if you think this look might be a little too warm for your taste, pairing auburn with navy blue helps to cool down the colour scheme without compromising on style.

As well as the beautiful feature colour of this photo, what first caught our eye at First 4 Blinds was the window dressing. On the inside, the soft layers of the curtains add height to make the most of those lovely tall windows, and on the outside, the awning really finishes the look.


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Golden yellow accessories are a great way to brighten up rooms without making them look too summery. Just like warming winter sun itself or a delicious turmeric latte, this golden yellow colour is wholesome and comforting. We love the way this photo combines crisp white and mild grey with yellow textiles. Although the picture link above shows a more modern use of the colour, it also lends itself well to more classic and countryside inspired styles for a really homely feel.


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Last but not least in this month’s Colour Showcase is the copper trend. We love metallics at the moment, but copper, in particular, is our current favourite. It adds a modern and warming glow to your room of choice and it’s also very versatile, pairing well with many colours, its polished glow seen in the photo link above is perfect for this time of year. We love the way the colours in the striped rug really pull this look together.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Colour Showcase this month and hopefully, it’s helped spark a few ideas too! We might not be able to exactly replicate these photos but if you’ve seen something you like, feel free to call our Northampton store today to make an enquiry or to ask for advice. Click here to get in touch today. And to see our Colour Showcase board on Pinterest, [click here:] (

See you next week!

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