How to add more positivity to your home (Part One)

Hello and welcome to Abode this week. At First 4 Blinds, we love to make homes feel special. Whether you believe in good luck or not, we think that adding positive energy to your home is essential. Today in part one of our article, we would like to share a few small ways you can encourage some good luck into your home…

Consider the Colour of your Front Door

The colour of your front door may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how lucky your home is. However, it may make an impact and make your home more unique in the process. If your door is facing South, paint it a bright red or orange. For a North-facing door aim for cooler shades of blue or a classy, patent black. Go for light-hearted grey or white if your door faces West and lastly pick earthy greens or browns if your door faces East.

Enlist the help of Elephants

Elephants are wise, loyal and lucky animals, but having a real life elephant in your home isn’t very practical! Instead, positioning a few elephant figurines throughout your home can help to evoke the symbolism of real elephants and can protect your family.

Change your Fortune with Fresh Flowers

Keeping fresh flowers in your home can help to bring good luck according to Feng Shui. You can pick any variety of flower you like, as long as they don’t have thorny stems, so no roses, unfortunately! Adding a bouquet of flowers can really enhance a room and add some fresh, seasonal colours.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article today, stay tuned for part two coming soon! In the meantime, if you would like any advice or assistance in furnishing your home, please feel free to get in touch today using:

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