Rethinking Rugs

Hello and welcome to Abode. Today to mark the end of January we're showing a fresh way to add colour, texture and depth to your home - with a new rug. However, if you're already in love with your cosy carpet or polished wooden flooring, hang a rug on the wall instead. Wall-mounted fabrics and tapestries are an age-old tradition, but by finding the right print or design, you can add personality and a touch of modernity to your home.

We have used images sourced from Pinterest to show you some of our favourite rugs, re-purposed as wall art. Why not follow our account to keep up to date with the latest trends and to view previous articles. Search 'First 4 Blinds and Interiors'. To hang a rug on the wall, you'll need some upholstery nails for the top side, and we suggest to keep your rug flat to the wall, use some velcro adhesive on the remaining sides and base.


(photo credit: House Mix)

Paired with brilliant white as seen in the image above, this stunning blue rug is full of ornate details. It adds a feeling of focus and clarity to the room. A rug like this really warms up the space, and when it can make your home look and feel like Santorini, what's not to like!


(photo credit: mareheha)

Secondly, we have a warmer, textured rug. We love the way this rug helps to coordinate the room's interior design, not only with colour but in texture too. We also really like the character and handmade aspect of the design.


(photo credit: Forest Homes)

Next, is a really playful and colourful rug. At First 4 Blinds, we absolutely love the room pictured above. Not only does the rug tap into the hugely popular cactus trend we've seen lately, but the colours provide the ideal backdrop to pull in other bright, happy colours into the scheme, seen in the pillows and decorative accessories.


(photo credit: cc-tapis)

Our last example is a nod toward expert interior design. It combines geometric shapes with varied texture and depth; it really is a sight to admire. We particularly love the balance between the different shapes in the room and the way the ceiling and wall are linked.

We hope you have enjoyed our article today we will be back next week, but for now, if you would like any interior advice, please feel free to get in touch at;

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