Room For A Little One?

Can you remember your first bedroom? The colour, the curtains or your favourite bedding? Perhaps you are looking back to your own childhood hideout as inspiration for your children's new bedroom decor... It seems harder nowadays though. Children are growing up so fast and we are looking for ways to keep their imagination alive and perhaps not just glued to a TV screen. That's where collections from Villa Nova, K&K, Disney and Sanderson come in. Whether it be blinds from "..A galaxy far, far away.." or wall papers that bring bustling cities zooming across the walls, we have interior inspiration by the bucket to suit the littlest Jedi or next budding Attenborough.

If you are a bit stuck for ideas or how to go about creating a stylish but still functional space, read on to find some helpful tips designing your children's bedroom:

Create a quiet area: The use of a teepee can be invaluable to give your child somewhere to play but also somewhere to sit and read or draw. They help to add some fun to the room and can put up or down quickly and take up little space.

Use of a wall mural with wall paper: Using a large wall mural can help to give a feeling of space to a room and offer for creative play and bedtime storytelling. The variety of possible scenery is endless, making a quick and easy to transform a room.

Bold blinds and curtains: If the walls dont allow much room for injecting colour, use the window space. Blinds are not only a functional and a safe choice (Fitted with child safe fixings), but also a brilliant way to bring favourite characters, a contrasting print or bright colour to the room. And for those a little shy of the early summer sun in the mornings, roller blinds can be blackout lined.

A bed better than to just sleep in: Remember those plastic racing car beds we all wanted or those fairy princess miniature four poster beds? They were so cool looking and we all felt we would be the next Schumacher or Rapunzel. And nowadays, we have gone beyond cars and four posters. Tree house beds are a brilliant addition and make for great play. Or for older children, a bed they can also share as a sofa with their friends for sleepovers. Save the need for additional furniture!

Furniture that lasts: Talking of furniture, buy furniture that has some longevity. Perhaps it might need a lick of paint or a change of handle over the years and decor revamps. But use that as opportunity to involve your children too! Who doesn't love getting a bit messy painting. This will save you money in the long run as it is better to invest as much as you can into quality pieces that even may serve two jobs at once.

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise: The final touches come down to those prints on the wall, or the soft toy taxidermy. Bedding that is hard wearing and a contrast to the room's theme but matches in tone or colour. I mean, unicorns are pretty cool and loved by adults alike, but... maybe not on every available surface. Before you know it, it will be out with old and onto a new animal. Like Llamas - Definitely cuter!

We are definitely a child-friendly shop and love nothing better than to see them helping get in on the creative process. After all, within reason, it is their room. Just be prepared for when we might have to explain that we don't sell rocket launch pads, or stables for all those unicorns... Yet!

The Team at First 4 Blinds x

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