Stunning Shutters

Good evening and welcome to Abode this week. Today to set the tone for February, we wanted to feature one of our favourite styles of window-dressing - shutters. Shutters are a beautiful feature that can add so much to a room. Often the first thought on shutters is the exterior kind synonymous with rustic French cottages, or stunning Italian homes like the one pictured below:

( (photo credit:

Exterior shutters are perfect for Mediterranean weather, but here in the UK, the look is not out of reach. With the help of First 4 Blinds, you can take inspiration from these gorgeous windows and bring the feature into your home with interior shutters. This variety of shutters are a permanent addition to your home with a timeless style to match. And with their permanence in mind, First 4 Blinds ensure that every set of shutters are built to last by coating them with UV protection. Interior shutters control the amount of natural light in a room, much like blinds do, but with the added benefit of conserving heat. With shutters in place, you can keep your home toasty and warm in winter and as cool as possible in the warmer summer months. Another excellent feature of the shutters fitted by First 4 Blinds is that they are expertly tailored to your specific windows and made to the highest quality.

So for some inspiration from Abode, why not enjoy three of our favourite examples of interior shutters we found on Pinterest this week. As usual with our Abode articles, we might not be able to perfectly match our products to these exact images as they are for inspiration purposes only. However, if you see something you like why not call in using the link at the end of our article to see what you can achieve with First 4 Blinds.


( (photo credit: British Style UK)

If you decide to take the plunge and commit to your very own shutters, why not invest in a bright and beautiful colour to really make this feature pop. This lovely soft pink offers a gentle but modern feel to its chosen room. In the picture above we love how the window is peeking out from behind the shutters and the way the pink has also been used to frame the window as a whole. Also, this photo shows that when shutters are positioned in this way, they add a screen-like dimension to your window in a refreshingly different way to blinds.


( (photo credit: House & Garden Magazine UK)

Moving now from modern to classic in the image above, the use of peaceful lily white for interior shutters is a perfect match. The use of white maximises the quality of light that enters the room creating a bright and clean space. We love how this bathroom in keeping all its colours uniform has a timeless feel to it without ever becoming monotonous or looking sparse. We think that the secret that’s captured in the picture above is the variation in different textures. The contrast between the soft textile bath mat and fluffy flower petals against the defined wooden flooring and structured shutters brings the whole look together.


( (photo credit:

And to end our post this week, we wanted to feature some of the most ornate interior shutters we’ve seen. The art-deco archway design in the picture above is sophisticated and adds a touch of glamour to the room. We particularly love how the colours of the image are simple and neutral, but the room’s style is uncompromising. We think that this look would be beautiful in any weather but was particularly made for the bright spring and summer days we’re long anticipating.

Thank you for reading this week’s instalment of Abode, we hope to have given you a few ideas if you’re looking to redesign or redecorate your home this season. If you would like any more information on our services or would like to come and visit our Northampton showroom, please click here:

See you Soon,

Abode at First 4 Blinds.

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