Abode takes note of Niksen

Hello and welcome to our latest Abode article. To end yet another busy week, we would like to use our inspiration blog today to share a new lifestyle trend that could really help you make the most of your weekend…

At Abode and First 4 Blinds, we love the Danish concept of Hygge that evokes the feelings of cosiness and comfort. Hygge is easily applied to interior design and decorating, making your home into a peaceful, happy place. However, Niksen is a new trend to take note of this year. The term originates from the Netherlands and means 'to do something but without a particular purpose'. It might seem strange at first, but Niksen is actually very easy to accomplish. Some examples include listening to music and lying awake in bed. These deceptively simple activities are the kind that deliberately allows for your mind to drift and wander without any particular focus.

The Dutch concept of Niksen, in its complete avoidance of productivity, is the direct opposite of the way many of us live. With constant tasks to complete and schedules to follow, life is often hectic and seems to be always with a purpose. Niksen is different to mindfulness because mindfulness keeps a focus on being ‘in the present’. By contrast, Niksen is about the mind moving wherever it pleases. Sometimes even something as peaceful as mindfulness can have pressure to stay in the present moment, without any distraction. With Niksen it’s surprisingly easy to daydream when you’re in the right frame of mind.

Writer Olga Mecking has described Niksen as the “thorough enjoyment of life’s pauses”. This is perhaps the best way to describe the act of Niksen, and it can be very enjoyable spending a few moments doing nothing. Abode grants you full permission to try this trend out for yourself, you might already be an expert and just didn’t know the term!

We think that Niksen works well alongside the concept of Hygge. Once your home is as comfortable as possible, it will be a place that you will enjoy spending time in doing whatever you wish. By taking some time to reflect without having to attend a social event or activity on your mind, you can relax and recharge your brain for the upcoming week ahead. This can be very beneficial particularly for busy individuals, so why not switch off your phone for an hour or two over the weekend and just relax!

We hope you have enjoyed Abode this week; we will be back soon with a special round-up of all our favourite February colours! In the meantime, if you’d like any advice or help with redesigning or redecorating your home, please feel free to get in touch today here: https://www.first4blinds.com/contact-us/

See you Soon!

Abode at First 4 Blinds.

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