Abode's taken with ‘Terrazzo'

Hello and welcome to Abode this week. Today we’d like to cover what is set to be one of the biggest interior trends of 2018. ‘Terrazzo’ a mosaic inspired style of decorating was extremely popular in the 1970’s. It appears that following the bohemian yet glamorous seventies fashion styles we saw last year, interior design is following suit. We love the revival of this striking trend and look forward to seeing how it will be put to use this season. For our article this week we’ve found our favourite ‘Terrazzo’ looks using Pinterest, we hope we can show off this trend’s versatility and unique style…

Some of the earliest depictions of ‘Terrazzo’ date back to 9000 B.C but it was also very predominant in Italy during the 15th century as an alternative to traditional marble. When ‘Terrazzo’ is made today, it’s the combination of chipped marble pieces paired with stones or softened glass, set in coloured resin. The finished piece is then highly polished to create a shiny and smooth aesthetic. This style is both retro and modern with its revival, and it can fit any colour scheme or style, from the minimalistic monochromatic look to something that’s more pastel focused.



photo credit: signorinotilegallery

In the picture above we love the modernity of the M.C Escher-esque shapes. In their tessellating pattern, each connecting piece is beautiful in its own right. The balance of this ‘Terrazzo’ look with each tile piece working so well together, a shaded and textured floorspace is created. This idea could work using any range of colours as long as the three distinct colours work well together.



photo credit: divisare.com

This look is a little more on the wild side, but bold can be so beautiful when it’s done well! With stairs like these there can be no such thing as ‘the naughty step’. The colours bring all aspects of the room together while remaining the centre of attention. We love the hidden peaches and pinks amongst the darker fragments.



photo credit: blog.angeliquemugnier.fr

If like us you’re taken with ‘Terrazzo’ this season, why not try it on a bigger scale. Cover a whole wall with intricate details and pops of colour. We really like the brightness of this look, thanks to the use of the white resin. Although this picture takes ‘Terrazzo' to a new level, it doesn’t appear overwhelming or unappealing. It can be understated and simply something to admire either close-up or from across the room.



photo credit: fermliving.de

For ‘Terrazzo’ beauty on a smaller and more refined scale, why not look into ‘Terrazzo’ through textiles? The cushions pictured above can add subtlety to your current decor, and genuinely demonstrate the colour versatility of this trend. We can’t decide which colour combination we like more!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog this week; we’ll be back soon featuring more of our latest inspirations in interior design. If you would like any help with your own home design projects, please feel free to get in touch. With over forty years of industry experience within the team at First 4 Blinds, we love to offer our advice. Find us here: http://www.first4blinds.com/contact-us/

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