Whimsical Wallpaper Ideas

Good afternoon and welcome to Abode. At First 4 Blinds, we love to make windows look their best using blinds and curtains made to exceptional quality and for something more unique bespoke shutters or awnings. However, in our inspiration article this week we are focusing on a different, but no less versatile aspect of interior design; wallpaper.

We have used Pinterest to find three different applications of wallpaper - all of which are far from conventional! As usual with our Abode articles we won't be able to replicate these exact images, but our Northampton Showroom is full of stunning examples so if you're looking for some new ideas why not come and see what you can achieve with First 4 Blinds.



(photo credit: creategirl.blogspot.co.uk)

The first wallpaper look is all about making a statement. It's quirky and unique while still giving the home its striking style. We particularly love the way the stairs appear to 'grow' with the design. The coordinating colours also prevent this use of wallpaper from being overbearing.



(photo credit: feioi.com)

Our second wallpaper style is the perfect way to make an ordinary room or part of the house into somewhere extra special. Wallpapers like the design pictured above can add texture and tone in a way that paint can't quite match.



(photo credit: jamonkey.com)

Last but not least, our third wallpaper style is perfect for smaller spaces. The home office pictured above combines small space living without compromising on style. We love the colour combination of the curtain to hide the area and the opulent pattern of the paper. If this were our home office space, we'd work from home every day!

We hope you have enjoyed our article today and we have helped give some inspiration for your next home decorating project. If you would like any further advice or to find out more about our products, please feel free to get in touch here; https://www.first4blinds.com/contact-us/ At First 4 Blinds we are proud of our 5-star rating for quality, customer service and value for money. If you would like to read our customer reviews, please click here; https://www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk/profile/first-4-blinds-ltd/9446/%23/

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