Design that’s Written in the Stars

Hello and welcome to Abode. Now that January is done and dusted we are featuring an optimistic interior design idea to point you in the right direction for the rest of the year. And as it’s Valentine’s Day soon, indulge in this “star crossed” trend or maybe get some inspiration for a thoughtful last minute gift?

Elevate Everyday Essentials

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Whether it’s your morning cup of coffee or your last cup of tea before bed, make it special in a celestial inspired mug. Why not make it even more personal by finding one with your astrological star sign on? Give yourself a few moments each day to enjoy your favourite drink either on your own or in the company of someone you love.

Astronomy Artwork

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As interior designers at First 4 Blinds, we love finding ways to add personality to a home. We think one of the best ways to do this is to add some inspiring art. Sometimes buying art can feel a bit daunting and it can be challenging to land on a particular artist that represents ‘you’, (not to mention that purchasing original art gets expensive quickly!) However, framing a wall art print can be an easy way to solve these problems without compromising on style. To keep up with the constellation trend why not find a print like the one pictured above, to take the view from a telescope and bring it right into your room!

To the Moon and Back

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Show you care about them to the moon and back with this lunar-inspired planter. Add in a few low maintenance succulents to make a heartfelt and easy-going gift. We love this planter because it ticks so many design boxes - the versatile and modern metallic finish captures a great trend, it’s a home for another member of your house plant family, and it’s portable enough to be moved around the house as seasons change. We’re sure a gift like this will leave your special someone starry-eyed this Valentine’s Day!

We hope you have enjoyed our article today and however you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope you have a day filled with lots of love. We will be back next week with a new article, but in the meantime, if you would like any further advice on styling your home, please feel free to get in touch at

See you Soon!

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